Supertaste — Super Classic EP

Supertaste's Super Classic' EP is an uplifting and melodic listen from beginning to end. The release glides between anthemic indie dance rhythms, swooning synth-centric soundscapes and majestic disco pop grooves collectively offering an easy to listen to 5-song EP that is vibrant, sun-drenched and warm at heart. 

In second half of 2020, mid-pandemic, the Brookyln-based duo collected their belongings, packed up their studio, and road tripped to a cabin in the woods in Bristol, Tennessee, where they produced the Super Classic EP. They cleared out the cabin’s living room furniture and recreated their studio in the mountains, with a view out over South Holston Lake and the Cherokee National Forest. The epic scenery and location served as a source of inspiration fueling both creativity and productivity throughout the writing and production process.

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