Casablanca Sunset launched in the Fall of 2013 as a Wordpress music blog. A group of music bloggers posted new music that they felt passionately about. Eventually, the blog was picked up by the Hype Machine and indexed in their music blog algorithm. The team of writers grew and blog became a landing point for artists to promote and share their new music.

As time went on, Eric Vogt (the blog’s founder) began to work closely with some of the artist he had discovered through the blog’s submission inbox. Eventually, the blog developed into what now is an independent record label and artist management company. In 2016, the label released it’s first single with the Australian artist KOWL.

The blog is still updated on a weekly basis. We continue to post a variety of new alternative, independent and electronic music. We also update a playlist that features the best new music submissions from our email inbox each month, titled 'The Inbox.' In the blog, there is also a curated playlists section, which features playlists exclusively selected by other musicians, DJs, producers and artists. We also record hour long indie dance mixes for extended listening as well.

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